Super Sonic

Street Hawk Coin is a block chain investment option in which one can invest online at any time from any part of the world. The processing speed of the transactions is super-fast because they use dual block chain system which allows for lightning-quick withdrawals with minimal confirmation requirements for a low amount. Another reason for being super-fast is that you don’t need any documents such as ID proof, card details, etc. while having transactions. A user needs to create an online wallet and through this, he/she can make any purchases.

Street Hawk offers various features such as digital cash, instant payments, supersonic transactions, etc. Super Sonic refers to the super-fast transaction speed. Once the wallet is being created by the user, he/she can credit/debit money through the wallet. The wallet here is very secure because all the transactions are totally encrypted. One can easily withdraw the amount from the wallet and no paperwork is required in the process of withdrawal. Due to this feature Street Hawk coin becomes very reliable and effective cryptocurrency.