Street Hawk Coin – About Us

What is Street Hawk Coin

Street Hawk Coin is a Trading Based Cryptocurrency or digital currency that laid its foundation on the Blockchain Technology. Street Hawk Coin is a peer to peer digital currency that allows you to make payments to anyone on the internet. The Street Hawk Coin is open source and can handle high volumes of transaction.

Street Hawk Coin is a trading based cryptocurrency that allows investment in Forex Industry, Crypto currencies and Scrap trading. It is an innovative and advanced offering that gives the investors an opportunity to earn amazing rewards through STH Coin’s business plan.

Being based on trading on scrap and forex, Street Hawk Coin is a reliable product.

Street Hawk Coin Features

Digital Cash

One can make on the spot payments using STH Coin for transactions on any platform instantly and secure.

Instant Payment

Make transactions with STH coin and get confirmation within fraction of seconds.

Super Sonic

STH is a dual blockchain system that allows for super fast transactions with minimal confirmation requirements for low amounts.

Low Transaction Fee

Invest with STH Coin and get benefits from the amazing low transaction amounts.

Virtual Banking

The vision of the coming age is Virtual and we support virtual transactions with our Virtual Banking.


STH Coin is your partner in trading and other assets and is encouraged to exchange via your account securely.

Street Hawk Coin Mission

On one hand, the present solutions offer to solve one problem at one time. We have a tram that is ready to develop a secure, useful and easy to use product based on Private Blockchain. It includes cryptocurrency payments.

The mission of Street Hawk Coin is to integrate the companies, organizations and business assets into a unified blockchain system that will ensure efficient and transparent system.